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Euro 2024 Final   

Experience with us th excitement

of the Euro 2024 Final

Please join us from 6pm

£ 14.50


Any pizza or pasta from our menu 

with medium glass of wine or half beer

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Discover June's new highlights

Please note that MAD IN ITALY also offers

a take away service !!!

You can choose any dish from our main menu !

Our Story

"The story of this place was born in one of those wonderful villages on the Southern Coast of Italy. And more precisely, from a booklet that I accidentally found in a pantry in my maternal grandparent's beach house last summer. A little green book, that same colour that you will find in our restaurant. A little book that I remember as if it were today, my grandmother always kepis the kitchen and that she consulted from time to time. A hundred year old booklet with dozens and dozens of recipes. A little book that made me crazy to revisit those pages and bring them to England. That evening I immediately told two of my close friends who are also from Southern Italy, and the madness immediately took shape. A few days later on the table, we no longer had only that little boy, but also a flood of recipe slips from my two friend' grandmothers. And from that day, Mad in Italy was born!"


"Mad in Italy is thus a mix of my thirty years of experience in the catering field in Europe and in the world and now here for 15 years in England, with the recipes of our grandmothers. Visited recipes for modern times but with the ability to preserve that fantasy of Italian cuisine."

Angelo Mancuso

An invitation

A place to create memories, share moments and enjoy the most authentic Italian cuisine with loved ones. As Italians the thing we love the most is seeing people enjoy the food we make for them.


Meet our Chef
Alessandra Menta

"Alessandra has worked with myself in a number of restaurants over the past 7 years and feel honoured she wishes to join me on another venture of mine. Not only being a fantastic chef, friend and colleague, Alexandra is one of the best at what she does, having won awards for her work."

Angelo Mancuso

IMG_0316 (1)_edited.jpg

An ideal present for friends and family who enjoy fine food, fine wine and a special the dining experience


You can either purchase gift vouchers at the restaurant



Please, without notice, the reserved table will be considered free after guests are more than 15 minutes late

beyond which the reservation will be placed in the queue with any other requests.


Tel: 01474 461 150  or  07501 355926

146 Milton Road, Gravesend, DA12 2RG



Monday - closed

Tuesday - Thursday -10:30 till 22:30

Friday & Saturday - 10:30 till 23:00

Sunday - 10:30 till 21:00

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